About Us

Our philosophy has been rewarded with a steady flow of work with many of our projects receiving major awards from the HIA and MBA. More important than the awards, are the many satisfied clients the firm has worked with over the years.
Kasparek Architects was established in 1988 to provide architectural services in the residential and commercial markets. Our charter is to provide the highest standard of personal and professional service. This is achieved by minimising the numbers of projects that the firm works on at any given time.

Our clients include some of the most successful large and small developers in Canberra. We have worked with many of them for more than 10 and 20 years.

Kasparek Architects has successfully delivered thousands of units and terraces over the years with projects being delivered on time and on budget. We have a reputation for the shortest ‘Development Applications’ approval times in Canberra, with most decisions being approved with no design conditions attached. In many cases our Development Applications (DA) are approved before the client has settled on the land. This results in a huge windfall to the client as the value of the land jumps dramatically with an approved DA.

Kasparek Architects has a demonstrable track record for delivering design outcomes consistent with client expectations and aspirations, national and local standards, planning regulations and controls and public expectations. We work in an integrated fashion with our clients and sub consultants to ensure that any design meets all design criteria and expectations.

Kasparek Architects is supported by a highly skilled team of professionals with a wide range of experience. Their skills and experience cover the spectrum of architectural work including construction, interior design, commercial and community facilities, refurbishment work, master planning and all types of residential work.

We have the infrastructure and capacity to expand the skilled team to successfully deliver projects of any size. Kasparek Architects has recently delivered projects from small dual occupancies to 300+ unit developments.

The principal of the company, Fred Kasparek, provides project management support to all aspects of our projects. This includes the design work and coordination with clients, building authorities and sub-consultants. This ensures projects run smoothly and with a minimum number of disruptions.

Fred is a Registered Architect in the ACT and NSW and he also has an ‘A’ Class Building Licence. He grew up and studied in Canberra.

We Were Refugees

During the invasion of the former Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact countries in 1968, Fred Kasparek and his family — on holiday in Italy at the time of the invasion — fled to the safety of Australia as refugees.  Arriving with their holiday tent and literally only the clothes on their back, Fred and his family arrived in a new country and had to start a new life.